Delta Scientific Wins Multiple “Govies” for
Perimeter Security at GovSec 2012

Both Delta’s DSC2000 Shallow Foundation Barricade and
MP5000 Portable Vehicle Barricade System Are Selected as Industry’s Best

PALMDALE, CALIF. – March 22, 2012 – Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counterterrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, today announced that two different Delta barricade systems were chosen for 2012 Government Security Awards by Security Products magazine in the publication’s Govies Awards contest.   As such, both the Delta DSC2000 Shallow Foundation Barricade and the Delta MP5000 Portable Vehicle Barricade System will be on display in the Govies booth at the GovSec Conference to be held in Washington, DC, April 2-4.

“We would have been thrilled to win just one Govie but being awarded two in the same perimeter security category is testimony to the great job that our engineers and manufacturing people do,” emphasized Greg Hamm, Delta Scientific vice president of sales and marketing.  “What’s even more rewarding though is to know how they are helping to protect military and governmental personnel literally around the world.”

Set in a foundation only ten inches deep versus the standard 18 inches on most shallow foundation barriers, the Delta DSC2000 is designed for heavy use of more than 100,000 cycles per month, providing increased security for high capacity locations.  Its incredibly fast operating speed of only 0.38 seconds and K12 crash rating make it extremely popular in high threat applications, a major reason for it attractiveness at embassies and military bases.

It will stop a 15,000 pound vehicle going 50 mph dead in its tracks.  Multiple deployment configurations make the DSC2000 valuable in a wide variety of applications, from wide roadways to narrow driveways. The DSC2000 is very easy to transport, quick to install and highly reliable. There are three versions:  hydraulic, electro-mechanical and manual.

Delta’s 12-, 16- and 20-foot MP5000 portable vehicle barricade systems are towable, rapid deployment vehicle barricades developed for locations that have large vehicle traffic. There are over 1,000 MP5000’s in deployment around the world, including 300 of them in Afghanistan.  The barricades will stop a 15,000 pound flatbed truck impacting at 40 miles per hour.  The newer 20-foot MP5000 was created because U.S. Army REF (Rapid Equipping Force), based at Fort Belvoir in Virginia, had a requirement for a portable 20-foot barrier at checkpoints in Afghanistan.  Due to the size of vehicles in their theatre, they wanted a unit with a clear opening larger than the standard 16-foot version.

The MP5000 is one of Delta’s most popular vehicle barricades.  That is because it can be towed to where vehicle security is needed and sets up in less than fifteen minutes.  It is self contained and battery powered.  In addition to forward operating bases in Afghanistan, it is also used at events, such as the G20 meetings, to protect life and property on city streets. 

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