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  September 2003
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
It’s Showtime!

Unbelievably, it’s already September and, if you are in the security industry, that means it’s time for ASIS, which is where we will be September 15-17. And, no snide remarks because it’s in New Orleans! So far, we’ve got 14 publications lined up for one-on-ones with our five clients attending. We’ll snag a couple more media outlets and, before we leave the Crescent City, we’ll have held 70+ editorial meetings and basically set up the foundation of our PR work for these clients through next June.

Where do we differ from some others? While many PR folks attempt to educate editors and create a feel-good atmosphere between them and their clients, we go for ink. That sounds harsh but it’s not. We know what the media outlets are going to be covering, we target those features of most importance to the client, and we show up with the information at the Show. It’s not rocket science. Editors need good editorial; our clients need good coverage. That’s a nexus that top editors understand.

Don’t Introduce a Major Product at a Major Trade Show

Let’s define “introduce.” If you want the Show to be your first public showing, that’s fine.

But, don’t hold off introducing it in the press until the first day of the show. Why compete with 200 others also dating a press release the first day of the show? Why not introduce it prior to the show so that media outlets that provide pre-show publicity will let your prospects know they can see your new solution at the show?

We feel the same way about news conferences at shows. They’re for creating a “buzz,” not for introducing a new product. (The exception is when a new product literally wipes out what has been historically used…that’s when you’ve entered the world of “buzz.”) Why would an editor want to sit and listen to you discuss your new product in the company of her/his competitors? Don’t you think they would rather have a one-on-one where they can truly delve into your new solution and ask questions without providing editorial for competing media outlets?

Think about it with your next introduction plan. First, introduce your product to the press so the press can introduce it to your prospects before the show. Use press conferences to create “buzz” and “buzz” alone. Set up one-on-ones. It’s a lot of work. But, of course, you could always hire us to do it! Just an idea!

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