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September 2004
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
When Interviewed by a Reporter…
stick to your most important topic.

A reporter's job is to gather all the information possible. Your job is to make sure your most important message gets through. A reporter asks many questions. You should keep answering only one...the one you want coverage on.

Remember a basic. Unless the article is 100 percent about your company, you are one of several being interviewed. That means, if you're lucky, that you might get three paragraphs or so of coverage.

If you get talkative and cover every point of your company's "wonderfulness," reporters will select what they like best. That might be one of your minor messages. Meanwhile, your most important message goes uncovered.

So, if a reporter doesn't cover what you want highlighted, don't blame the reporter.

Upcoming Events

September is a busy month with two major events.

Project Flow 2004 is Realization Technologies' user conference Sept. 9-10 in Arlington, Va. with over 100 attendees and presentations from Medtronic, the U.S. Navy, DaimlerChrysler and other leading users. We'll have the press there, plus be gathering background information on how to complete multiple projects on time and budget, and preparing articles for those who could not attend.

ASIS in Dallas, the last week of September, is a major event in which we set up one-on-one meetings with a dozen plus editors individually with each of our attending five security clients.

Call Up an Ex-Customer This Month!

Maybe they've finally seen the error of their switch to another but have been too embarrassed to call you. Give them an out so they can give you some business.

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