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September 2002
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Public Relations
Just One Important Part of the Overall Communications Plan
The most common pitfall in the practice of public relations is the vain hope that one newspaper story will create all the public awareness your group will ever need. Communication is an on-going process, comprised 10 percent of the big and splashy and 90 percent of the slow, persistent and consistent distribution of a few key, salient points. It's taking every opportunity to seek out potential media vehicles seen by consumers or supporters and using them to disseminate why your group's work is important to them and how they should react.

When developing your public relations plan, the more specific your goals, the more effective you'll be. "Get more publicity" isn't nearly specific enough. If your organization needs to increase ticket sales by 20 percent, for example, your public relations plan needs to focus on media and other communications channels most likely to reach potential ticket buyers. You need to define who those ticket buyers are and what message, carried in what format, has the greatest likelihood of persuading them to order tickets.

A big feature story on your play's "star" in the Sunday paper probably won't cause most to place an order…it might, but it probably won't. But if you merchandise the clipping and send it to your "potentials" list with a personal note and a ticket order form, you'll get increased results. Once you've defined whom you need to talk to and what you need to say, you're in a position to make the best choice of a communications medium. For ideas and concepts, give us a call.

Upcoming Events...
ASIS, September 10-13
Tom will be in Philadelphia holding editorial conferences at ASIS for our security accounts. We've set up interviews with 14 leading periodicals. He's also going to go to eat a Philly Cheese Steak - OK, he'll probably eat two.

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