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October 2004
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
We spent September in Conferences

Project Flow 2004. We started the month in Washington, D.C. with client Realization Technologies' User Conference. We had some press there and others asked for follow-up information. Over 100 delegates traversing the leading edge of multi-project management attended Project Flow 2004. From a wide variety of organizations, these delegates are breaking old rules of project management in order to realize dramatic gains in project speed and throughput. Twelve of these attendees - emanating from government organizations and the private sector, from organizations having only tens of people working on projects to those employing thousands, and working on research and design to maintenance and repair - shared their implementation results and discoveries. For most, their projects cross enterprise boundaries. We'll be sharing these successes with the press.

ASIS. The world's leading security industry show had us meeting with editors from the security and related vertical publications and clients GE, IR Security & Safety, NVT, Recognition Systems and Zebra Card Printer Solutions. We also held a press conference before the show opened for GE's new multi-technology card reader, which was attended by 10 of the leading security editors. (Note: you are not supposed to hold conferences before the show opens…sorry.)

Pro Bono for Magnolia Science Academy

Well, it's one way to get a new client! Don't charge them.

We'll be helping this unique charter school raise its profile in the education establishment as well as among those kids that think it's Cal Tech or nowhere, and companies that ought to be supporting it. Magnolia Science Academy (MSA) is a public charter school for grades 6-12 with a curriculum that emphasizes science, math, and technology. MSA believes that educated citizens of the 21st century must have a solid ground in science, math, history and literature. With such knowledge, they not only will be able to keep up with the rapid growth of science and technology but they also will be able to understand what it means and quickly leverage it.

Duncan Smith Surfaces

One of our favorite clients (Epic Data, PsionTeklogix) has popped up as the North American grand poobah for Mobile Innovation in Vancouver, B.C. He says his wife told him that his retirement was no good for him (she meant her!). For those that don't know him, he's one of the good guys.

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