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October 2002
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Public Relations
eMessages Are Beginning to Outpull Direct Mail.

Surprise…surprise. Direct mail in B2B has peaked…permission-based email marketing is on the rise. A recent report suggests email marketing will threaten direct mail by 2005. We believe, that in B2B, it probably already has. That’s because 98% of executives and decision makers check their own email. Click through rates reach between 6 to 8% while traditional direct mail has, typically at best, about a 2% response rate.

Thus, targeted and personalized one-to-one eMessages will help you deliver your information to top prospects and customers.

Always ask for your prospects’ email addresses and request permission to email them with updates. Also nice – nothing to print and no stamps.

Meet Trisha
The “Wendy” you’ve recently been speaking to is not Wendy. It is Trisha Myers. Wendy has moved on and is selling printing…like ink on paper or CDs or, probably, whatever. Trisha is a recent graduate of Cal Poly-Pomona where she majored in Marketing. She was very active in various school activities while working her way though college at a CPA’s office. Welcome her to Brigham Scully and ask her about her cat…that will be a good ice-breaker.
ASIS Was a BIG Success
Our four clients met with 13 security/facility/education/loss prevention publications over the 3 days of the world’s largest security show. The 3-day show ran Tuesday though Thursday and our first break was 3:30 pm on Wednesday! We landed over 40 article opportunities for our clients.

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