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November 2004
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Is Brigham Scully part of the vast right wing conspiracy?



It happened Friday, October 22. Within hours, we had three emails that told us to go the American Spectator website at In an article on the "Ebbinghaus Curve - The Law of Forgetting," the author, Lawrence Henry, referred to Tom as his advertising mentor. About 15 years ago, "Larry" was one of our copywriters. We wondered what had happened to him and now we know. Among other things, he writes a weekly column for this site.

Here's what he wrote - "One of my mentors in the advertising game, Tom Brigham of Brigham/Scully in Los Angeles, showed me a basic piece of advertising research: The Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting. You know how you reach for the mute button when the seventh repetition of the Levitra commercial comes on? In one football game? Thank the Ebbinghaus Curve."

"Hermann Ebbinghaus published his Curve of Forgetting in 1885 in an article titled "Über das Gedächtnis." The curve illustrates, crudely put, that a given piece of learning gets forgotten by half its audience in 24 hours; retained audience is reduced in each 24-hour interval by half again. Advertising researchers say it that way, anyway, and for advertising purposes, it serves."

His article then went on how this knowledge would be used (misused is the better term) by the presidential campaigns in their final week of advertising.

Say "Hello" to Gisele

Gisele Gonzalez has joined us as our PR Manager and "keeper of the whip," assuring projects on keeping on schedule. She has previously had a similar position at another agency and for a publication. Gisele has valuable experience in PR outreach programs using the Internet, which we hope to leverage for our clients

So, the next time you call us, say "hello" to Gisele.

No respect

Upon reviewing this newsletter and seeing Tom referred to as a mentor, one of our "valued" staffers remarked, "You've got to be old to be a mentor."

Tom now truly understands what Rodney Dangerfield meant.

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