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  November 2002
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
If you don’t like the reporting on your interview, it’s your fault.

“He missed my important points.”

“I didn’t get a chance to talk to him and we’re not mentioned.”


Here are some guidelines to assure your next interview ends up the way you would like.

  • Be available. If the reporter can’t get to you or you don’t return their call in a timely manner, too bad. They’ve got a deadline and it’s not the same as your availability.
  • Prepare. Educate the journalist…why assume they understand the story? NFL coaches use cheat sheets of plays during games; so should you in a game you don’t constantly practice or play.
  • Ask what the reporter is trying to find out. Now, you know what to discuss that will get in the piece.
  • Be open and honest. State the facts and don’t embellish. Be proactive in getting your important point across. There is no “off the record,” only in movies.
  • Integrity counts. Don’t trash the competition. Know what you don’t want to discuss and be prepared with a response. “No comment” is a bad response.
  • Enthusiasm. We’ve seen so many clients get “cool” in an interview…boring. Passion sells.
  • Focus. Be short, concise and stay on your message. Don’t get distracted or pulled into other topics. That’s what the journalist might report.
  • Follow up. Thank them and ask if any additional questions have arisen.

Busy, busy times.

We’ve needed more than 7 days in a week and 24 hours in a day recently. We’re working on three different websites, in the middle of preparing 40 different articles for publication, creating a whole new trade show schema for one client and issuing three to seven press releases per week. Throw in a brochure and flyer here and there and it’s been exciting. We’re lucky…no complaints.

We’re also talking to some new folks about helping them. Who will we sign first? As is usual, probably the group we haven’t met yet.

We hope you have found this newsletter to be informative.  If there are others you know that would like to receive this email, please feel free to forward us that information or call us at (818) 716-9021!
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