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May 2005
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter 
When You Prepare for an Interview, the Writer Can't "Screw it Up."
"He missed my important points."

"I didn't get a chance to talk to him and we're not mentioned."


Here are some guidelines to assure your next interview ends up the way you would like.

- Be available. If the reporter can't get to you or you don't return their call in a timely manner, too bad. They've got a deadline and it's not the same as your availability.

- Prepare. Educate the journalist…why assume they understand the story? NFL coaches use cheat sheets of plays during games; so should you in a game you don't constantly practice or play.

- Ask what the reporter is trying to find out. Now, you know what to discuss that will get in the piece.

- Be open and honest. State the facts and don't embellish. Be proactive in getting your important point across. There is no "off the record," only in movies.

- Integrity counts. Don't trash the competition. Know what you don't want to discuss and be prepared with a response. "No comment" is a bad response.

- Enthusiasm. We've seen so many clients get "cool" in an interview…boring. Passion sells.

- Focus. Be short, concise and stay on your message. Don't get distracted or pulled into other topics. That's what the journalist might report.

- Follow up. Thank them and ask if any additional questions have arisen.

Busting into New Markets

Breaking into a new vertical market isn't really that hard. We've done that many times.

Breaking into a new realm of technology or application is, and that is what we are doing with one of our major clients. Here's what we're doing to help them -

* Setting up interviews with leading publications in those new markets.

* Creating and distributing press releases to publications/sites in the new markets.

* Getting the press in traditional markets see the importance of such new capabilities.

* Establishing speaking opportunities at conventions and conferences in the new markets.

* Creating articles, including case histories, for new market media.

If you would like to discuss getting into new markets, give us a call.

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