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May 2004
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Did You See Delta on “Extreme Makeover?”

Delta’s anti-terrorist, vehicle-stopping bollards were featured on the TV show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” The couple’s house had been demolished by a drunk driver, who had rammed his SUV into their living room and back bedroom. There were several references to the bollards being used at the White House and embassy buildings around the world. The bollards pop out of the ground and will stop a multi-ton truck dead in its tracks.

Delta just signed an order with the U.S. Air Force to protect every USAF facility around the world. They are purchasing over 500 of Delta’s strongest, most formidable barriers. Delta products are already doing the same for the Army and Navy. A couple of scores of their portable barriers were just flown to Iraq.

6 Editors to Attend GE Conference

In early June, GE Security is holding a conference in Florida for over 600 of the leading security industry end-users and integrators. Customers from around the world, ranging from MasterCard to Hyundai, will be sharing their successes. We’re pleased that six of the leading security industry editors, representing eight publications plus their online services, will be attending. What a great way for them to get to meet and converse with their readers and contacts for future articles!

If you’re holding a major conference and not inviting your key press, you are missing a major opportunity for increased coverage.

We’re Going to Sink Our Teeth into This Account.

In June, we’re going to put together a full-scale communications blitz for a dental group in the Santa Clarita area. We’ll combine public relations with advertising, signage, a referral program and other promotion tactics to increase the high-end office’s new clients list. It’s a little something different for us and, as always happens, we’ll migrate some of the things done for the Doctor to our other clients and vice-versa.

How Many Customers Did You Thank This Month?

And, in doing so, ask them what else you could be doing for them.

We fall victim to it ourselves. One spends so much time thinking of new business that one forgets to pitch for more business out of old customers. In the perfect world, there’s a balance between the two. Of course, that’s the problem, isn’t it? It’s not a perfect world.

Thank you for your support. Is there anything we can be doing for you?

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