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March 2004
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
April Fool’s Day in Las Vegas

It somehow seems appropriate, doesn’t it, to spend April 1 in Las Vegas? But, that’s where we’ll be as we do our annual trek to the Security Show held there. This year, clients GE Security, IR Recognition Systems, IR Security & Safety’s Electronic Access Control Division, NVT and Zebra Card Printers will each be meeting with a dozen-plus editors as we share with them the fine opportunities we have for good editorial.

Based on their plans, we always provide the press with stories and interviews that they can use in upcoming issues. It’s a massive amount of work but the key to successfully planting a slew of articles. We usually return home with between six to ten major opportunities for each client plus a myriad of smaller potentialities.

Note: We also always eat once at Emeril’s Delmonico’s. (Not that you care but it’s a big deal to us.) BAM!

Ad Break

Our new ad for Realization Technologies has broken. It features two old hound dogs…sad looking things. Long story why. Anyway, if you fly in and out of San Jose Airport, you’ll also see them on the backlit phone kiosks in the passenger terminals. That’s another long story.

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Project Management Software is Dead

So, for ProjectWorld, we’ve built Realization Technologies a casket to put in their booth. It’s an honest-to-God Western style pine casket…over 6 feet long. No question about it…this baby is authentic. We’re holding a wake in their booth.

Keep this in mind…we’ll probably only be using it for about a year. Maybe you have a mother-in-law or ex-friend that’s not doing too well but can hold out for another year. We’ll get you a deal.

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