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June 2004
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Meetin’ and Greetin’ in Hollywood…Florida, That Is

From June 7-11, Tom is attending the GE Infrastructure, Security Conference along with leading security systems users and integrators from around the world. He is also entertaining seven editors representing eight security industry publications. Such conferences are a PR made-in-heaven opportunity to get editors in front of people who can give them the articles they need for their upcoming features.

We’re very appreciative of all those editors that accepted our invitation to attend. It makes us look very good to the client and they will be getting information directly from those that will make their articles even better. It’s a win-win for all.

Big Shindig for Delta Later This Month

It’s the Grand Opening of Delta Scientific’s new 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Palmdale at 3:30 pm, Tuesday, June 29. Delta Scientific is the world’s leading manufacturer of anti-terrorist and vehicle access control equipment. Delta barriers will stop and destroy a truck weighing 15,000 pounds traveling 50 mph. The barricades can be raised or lowered at will to stop traffic or let it through. In an emergency, the thick steel plates or bollards pop out of the ground within a second.

To meet demand since the assault of 9-11, Delta Scientific’s production has more than doubled in its present Valencia buildings. The new manufacturing facility, in addition to the present Valencia sites, will let Delta Scientific meet the increased requirements and demands of its continually growing international customer base.

We’ve been inviting political dignitaries and setting up official proclamations to go on the lobby wall. It’s a lot of coordination but a real adrenaline rush once you pull it off.

Realization Technologies Has Become A Very Successful Contrarian

This month, we will help Realization Technologies announce its 101st implementation (anyone can announce their 100th customer) of its Project Flow software. Project Flow breaks the traditional rules of project management in much the same way that Realization itself broke the rules of creating an enterprise software company without any venture or outside capital. Today, Realization Technologies is almost five years old with a long list of marquee customers.

Government agencies include NASA, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy. Commercial customers include ABB, Bombardier, FMC, Hamilton Beach, HermanMiller, Johnson Controls, Larsen & Toubro, Lucent Technologies, LSI Logic, Medtronic, PPD, P&G Pharmaceuticals, Siemens and Skye Group, among others.

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