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June 2003
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Seeing Some Serious Synergism

Synergism has become one of those cliché words. But, seeing it in action at the recent GE Interlogix Users Groups confab in Florida in late May was an exciting experience. As you probably know, GE entered the security market by buying Interlogix and its myriad entities about 18 months ago. There would be “synergy” we heard. Uh-huh.

Well, there is. Compression techniques used on CAT-scan equipment is being deployed to security surveillance cameras. Staying in the medical world, GE Interlogix people are being introduced to top brass at major medical institutions by the GE Medical staff, who already have large capital investment products in the facility. Understand that a new security system would actually provide a return-on-investment but cash flow is too tight? That’s why we have GE Capital. Etc.

Do you think the business partners were excited hearing about all this synergy? You bet. As one leading integration company president said, “These guys should put on a seminar about synergy but I think they just did!”

Also in Florida…

We got to spend some time with Kaba Benzing whose time and attendance and labor reporting software is used by some mighty big organizations, such as BMW and Dassault.

We Can’t Help Repeating…The Ebbinghaus Curve and the Law of Forgetting

Half of what we learn in any single day we forget 24 hours later…that’s the Law of Forgetting. Ninety percent of what we learn is forgotten in a month. A plot of forgetting is called the Ebbinghaus Curve and it was drilled into us in Journalism School.

The Law of Forgetting is why you need frequent communications. It’s why people who tried a press release once or running an ad once or doing a mailing once were unsuccessful. Nobody remembers who you are or what you do by hearing from or about you only once.

We tell people to think of how they teach a nursery rhyme. They repeat, repeat and repeat again. That’s how successful marketing communications works as well.
Buried in Cases Histories – Joe’s Stone Crab

This month, we’re working on articles with a myriad of organizations – MasterCard, the Washington Bureau of Corrections, Curtiss-Wright, U.S. Navy at Pearl Harbor, the City of Minneapolis, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Park City School District, McDonalds, and Joe’s Stone Crab.

Yes, we know – what the heck are we writing about regarding Joe’s Stone Crab? Believe it or not, biometrics!

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