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July 2005
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Big Conference … Big Results
Last month, we attended GE's Security Conference in Florida, held for its partners, integrators and end-users. More than 700 attended including 10 from the press, not counting the local press that came the day Florida Governor Jeb Bush spoke.

GE is very smart in allowing us to bring press into such a Conference. First of all, the editors were immersed in the GE message…it resounded loudly, clearly and repetitively from speakers, seminars and break-out sessions. They were able to pick the business cards of many attendees, helping them create expanded networks of people to contact for quotes and stories (with a GE bias!) and, lastly, we were able to set up interviews with GE brass with them.

This year, we expanded the types of editors covering the Conference to include the IT press as well as the security press, as that is the direction the security market is going. Three of those editors attended, including one who writes for a slew of magazines and websites for his publishing house.

Does this pay off?

It pays off in spades. First of all, prior to the Conference, editors attending the Conference tend to promote the Conference, making more and more people aware of it. Secondly, the webs or e-zines, as we call them, get the information out quickly. One actually reported from the Conference, giving GE center stage throughout the week. In toto, that one site produced three major articles over an 8-day period. One of the IT publications hit their site with a story on the 3rd day with follow-up in the print publication one week later. And so on.

In the future, several of the publications will be running articles now through September based on interviews at the Conference. Plus, editors learned of new products on the horizon, customer installations and/or integrator successes, asking for those stories. We, too, learned of new case history possibilities and are tracking them down. Two are already "sold."

If you are holding a major customer conference, this is a great time to bring the press.

GE's Security business Director of Communications Jay Pinkert and Tom Brigham survey attendees at the GE Security Conference.
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