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July 2004
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Get Your Jewish Fortune Cookies in Texas.

If you don’t think it’s a global business community, consider this. We just talked with a U.S. company based in Texas, owned by Israelis with manufacturing in Hong Kong. If this doesn’t illustrate why your PR and other marcom activities need to be global, nothing does. You used to be able to simply ask, “Who’s your buyer?” Now, you need to ask, “Where’s your buyer?”

In some of the international publications we target for our clients, we average 4+ clips each and every issue. The international press is hungry for good editorial. We’re happy to help.

Delta’s Grand Opening a Big Success.

For the opening of Delta’s Palmdale manufacturing facility, we had almost 100 local leaders attending. We got local (LA) coverage in the newspapers and even TV. Congressman McKeon attended and gave Delta a flag that had just flown over the Capital (which is protected by Delta bollards) plus a proclamation from the House. [See photo of Tom with Delta President Harry Dickinson (l) and U.S. Representative Buck McKeon (r).] Other political dignitaries, from the mayor on up, presented similar proclamations. We even got a statement from Governor Arnold (Fon-toss-teek!). People were especially excited to see a mobile barrier that is already in Baghdad as you read this.

Perhaps a note from the client best summarizes – “Thank you for the fantastic job you did on the Delta Grand Opening. I am really pleased. I can't think of how it might have been done any better. It seemed to be very well balanced, just the right food, posters, number of guests, lighting, timing and setting. The invitations and programs were excellent. We are very fortunate to be working with you.”

Of course, having a good client helped.

What Happens if the Press Attends Your Event?

In our last update, we mentioned how we had seven security publication editors attending the GE Security Conference in early June. So far, as a direct result of that conference, we have commitments for 12 articles between their July and October issues. Although we have other articles scheduled for these publications and others during this period and beyond, none of these 12 (all major) would have come about without their attendance.

Are you reaching prospects beyond just those attending your events, whether a grand opening or a company conference, via the press? Why not?

We do it all the time.

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