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July 2003
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Are you practicing “AIDA” in your writings?

“AIDA” is an old rule of the ad game, which describes the essential elements of promotional writing. Here’s what it means:

A – Attract the readers’ “attention.”
I – Arouse their “interest.”
D – Create “desire.”
A – Urge them to “action.”

As you move from writing for a mass market, as with an ad, to a more direct, targeted approach, as with a sales presentation, you may want to do what we do…change “interest” to “involvement” and “desire” to “decision.”

As you move down the sales cycle, you really need to get the person involved. An involved person has a stake in what’s being discussed. Some might say “ownership.” And, we want that person to move from wanting what we have to making a decision that he or she must have it.

Of course, one could also say all the above is simply a musing of semantics. But, we don’t think so.

The History Channel presents Brigham Scully!

OK, that’s probably an oversell. But, the History Channel is doing a 3-part series on “Terror Tech” for an upcoming “Modern Marvels” run commencing in late August. They called us regarding one of our client’s products. Thank you.

We got three more included! So, look forward to seeing Delta anti-terrorist vehicle crash barriers, GE Interlogix’ VideoIQ (a CCTV surveillance technology that accurately identifies humans versus moving tree branches) and Ion Tracker, which airports will use to sniff out “bad” stuff, and IR Recognition Systems’ biometric HandReaders all take center stage.

Think Access Hollywood is interested?

It’s been a Projects Month.

In addition to our regular fee accounts, we’ve received projects on writing case studies for old client Relevant, an ERP provider, and GE Alliance (which was InfoGraphics…it’s a long story) for a case history and brochure on their new security and facilities management platform. We appreciate it, as does our dog, which can now have meat.

We hope you have found this newsletter to be informative.  If there are others you know that would like to receive this email, please feel free to forward us that information or call us at (818) 716-9021!
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