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  July 2002
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Execute Your Marketing Strategy with Total Communications
A marketing plan sitting on a bookshelf does little good if it is not executed. Follow these tips and make sure your plan works for you.

Of all tactics in a marketing plan, inevitably the most money is spent on advertising. Whether it be print, television, radio or electronic, you need to strategically define your target audience to get the most for your money. By concentrating your advertising dollars in fewer, more targeted media, instead of spreading them thinly and reaching non-target audiences in the process, you will have a better chance of reaching the clients to whom you really need to send your message. To increase awareness and brand preference, target press plans at the same audiences. And, to increase reach to those targets your advertising misses, create mini-PR plans to inform fringe buyers. After all, prospects trust news from third-party sources more than advertisements anyway.

Develop communications that stay in touch with your clients. We all know that loyal customers are the best customers and it is always easier to keep one you already have than to attract new ones. Custom magazines, newsletters and e-updates keep your name and products in their minds. Use this media to introduce clients to new products and services and share with them how you're helping others.

Earlier in this update, we discussed targeting — here's an example.

In the wake of Sept. 11, airport security has become a national priority. We've turned on the heat for a client wanting this market. Already, bits and pieces of info are showing up with the big hitters coming out in the next 75 days.

The June issue of Security Products details how San Francisco and Ben Gurion Airports use our client's biometric readers to advantage. The UK's Security Professional carries the same story on its website. Access Control will then go in-depth in July with an article on how San Francisco International Airport uses HandReaders from Ingersoll Rand's Recognition Systems, Inc. to secure its air operations area (aoa).

Since 1991, the system has produced more than 100 million verifications, with more than 250,000 produced on a busy day. The HandReaders span the entire airport, securing more than 180 doors and verifying the identity of more than 30,000 employees.

Then, in September, a 2200 word article in Security Technology & Design will describe in even greater depth how HandReaders solve access problems at airports. Go to for more information on hand geometry. Or, see more at under IR Recognition Systems.


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