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January 2004
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Happy New Year

What’s this 2004 going to bring? We’ll have a Summer Olympics, presidential campaign and election, and, we’re sure, more celebrity courtroom appearances! From our perspective, we think the New Year will bring new business excitement, too, as most of our clients are reporting increased advertising budgets…always a good sign for the economy.

The Case for Repetition

Ever taught a kid a nursery rhyme or how to count? What did you do? Repeat…repeat…repeat. That’s the secret of marketing communications, too. Come up with something that’s easy and simple to remember and repeat it…over and over again.

It’s true in advertising but just as true in PR. Your main message must be repeated over and over in the press releases you issue and the articles you place. Sometimes our clients get a little perturbed at us, with all the repetition. But, frequent repetition is key to the success of delivering a message.

When should you change your message? When they’ve heard it so many times they repeat it unwillingly or when market conditions force a change. Until then, keep repeating it. You might be sick of it but “they” don’t see or hear it as often as you.

So, how should you get your message across? Repeatedly re-read the above…several times.

Kudos (unashamedly passed on)

"I love your web site. I use it every month for photos, etc."—Laura Stepanek, Editor, SDM.

"I was hoping you could contribute at least one (article), but certainly wasn't expecting four! Thanks so much for all of them. I'm really impressed with the professionalism and efficiency Brigham Scully responds to such requests."—Rufus Lim, Editor, Southeast Asia Fire & Security Magazine.

It’s so nice to be wonderful! Don’t you wish your agency was?

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