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  February 2003
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Why Some Communications Programs Fail and Others Don’t

We’d like to think some use Brigham Scully and others don’t. However, the answer is not so flippant. It is the result on a basic human condition – people get bored and quit following through.

Programs fail – total communications, marketing, sales, advertising, PR and all sorts of others – because management and staff lack the discipline to follow projects and programs through to completion. Many starts – fewer finishes.

After two months of doing the same repetitive thing, people get bored. They’re “too busy” doing new things (that are now more interesting). A new manager doesn’t “like” what they’ve been doing so out goes the baby with that bathwater.

It’s a fact – even bad programs pay results when executed. Great programs result in nothing if not done. With all the homage made to strategy, execution unlocks the door to success.

Do we at Brigham Scully like calling the same editor month after month? No. Do we like running that same ad for the fourth month in a row when we have half of a dozen new fresh ideas? No. Do we like coming up with this newsletter every month? No.

But that’s what we do because, without results, our clients cut retainers. And, we know, that repetitive executions done over and over, month after month, pay results. That we like, along with the resulting check!

What have you quit doing recently that has always brought you success? Get back on that horse. The key to your future successes is to keep doing those things that got it good.

Recent & Upcoming Events

Just returned from Psion Teklogix in Vancouver, BC – new, big things happening in wireless. nMetric just had a full column in a leading supply chain periodical, Frontline Solutions. The security clients have had a score of articles so far in 2003 with another score coming between now and the end of the first quarter. Meetings at ISC West in March will land more. Major new announcements are about to come out of GE Interlogix. We’ve been unearthing new application stories out of our Ingersoll-Rand groups, as well as for Eltron card printers. Delta Scientific is adding two more buildings. A company relaunch at Speed to Market has been a major project…new logo, etc.

We hope you have found this newsletter to be informative.  If there are others you know that would like to receive this email, please feel free to forward us that information or call us at (818) 716-9021!
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