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December 2004
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter 
Happy Holidays
As we leave 2004 behind and head into 2005, all of us at Brigham Scully want to wish you the happiest of holidays and hope that everything you want comes true in 2005.


Yearly Recap Shows PR Growth

At the end of each year, we always like to total up the numbers and see how we've done. With basically the same number of clients as in 2003, all results numbers are up. We issued over 190 press releases, placed over 130 articles and our clients received over 5,700 clips, over 1,200 internationally that we know of (and we're sure there are more).

Stick to your most important topic when interviewed

A reporter's job is to gather all the information possible. Your job is to make sure your most important message gets through. A reporter asks many questions. You should keep answering only one...the one you want coverage on.

Remember a basic. Unless the article is 100 percent about your company, you are one of several being interviewed. That means, if you're lucky, that you might get three paragraphs or so of coverage.
It's hard not to show the reporter how savvy you are but, if you get talkative and cover every point of your company's "wonderfulness," reporters will select what they like best. That might be one of your minor messages. Meanwhile your most important message goes uncovered.

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