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December 2003
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Happy Holidays!

Where did 2003 go? Here we are again – in the Holiday Season. We hope this year’s Season and the following 2004 will be your very best ever. Tom, Leslie, Trish and Coleen wish you good health and good cheer.

2003 Recap

It has been a busy year for our clients and ourselves. To date this year, we have placed over 120 articles, issued 150 press releases and garnered over 3500 hard copy North American press clippings, an estimated 1000 international hard copy press clippings and thousands of web hits around the world. We continue to average 3000+ requests for photographs per month off of our website. Many of these downloads are never discovered by us, either through our press clipping services or doing Copernica searches on the web.

The significance of such an intense press relations plan is evident in that every one of our present clients had a very successful 2003. Does success breed increased coverage? Yes. Does increased coverage breed success? Yes.

We had the pleasure of meeting the PR person for one of our client’s competitors recently who said, “If I see another article on the products, I’m going to come to your office and set it on fire.” What a compliment!

Do You Have Some “Tremendous Trifles?”

When you come right down to it, oftentimes the difference between the leading three brands of just about anything doesn’t really amount to much. That’s why it is so important to document those benefits that set you apart from your competitors. To differentiate yourself, you must make mountains out of those molehills.

We like to call these small differences tremendous trifles. They need to be beat into the heads of your prospects, persuading them over and over that if their purchase doesn’t include your tremendous trifle, they’ve screwed up. The product they buy simply must include that feature. Hone in on those tremendous trifles…people remember them, not your generalities where you discuss you’re just like everyone else.

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