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August 2003
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
36,000 Hits per Month on Brigham Scully Website

It’s amazing to watch the hits per month grow on our website. We’ve never been bashful about stating that we were the first PR shop we know of that listed client releases and their accompanying high res photographs for download. Some others are finally doing this and many client types now do it. But, four years ago, nobody was doing it.

So, what do they request? At no surprise to us (and the very reason we thought this made sense), most requests in July were to download client photographs.

“What,” you’re thinking. “How could you achieve 3500 plus photograph downloads?”

Easy. With ten clients averaging 2.5 releases per month and those 25 releases going to an average of 150 publications (25 x 150 = 3750). Throw in some folks doing articles and you’ll easily get 3500 photo downloads.

The other visitors browse, download releases and many simply cut and paste the parts they need.

We love it…that was the whole idea and, we feel, a definite value-added for our clients.

Corollary Story – Coverage in South Africa

Discovering our number of hits, we decided to Google. So, we went to the leading South Africa security publication, who listed much of their July issue content on their website. We found four clients covered with five articles, including five photographs! There you are.

History Channel Update

See our clients on the History Channel’s “Terror Tech – Defending the Highrise.” It’s part of the “Modern Marvels” series airing Tuesday, August 12 at 7:00 pm PDT.

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