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   August 2002
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Beyond Traditional Media - Effective Marketing
In the realm of business, it's no secret that there is no business unless there are customers. Acquiring - and retaining - customers leads to increased sales and profitability. Successful businesses win the battle of acquisition and retention of clients through effective and creative marketing.

To most, marketing conjures up images of expensive television commercials and glossy magazine advertisements. Yet, successful business professionals know that's just one tactic. They understand that marketing goes beyond the traditional media. It involves continuous exposure to potential and current clients.

Trade shows get your name out. By acquiring a pre-show list of attendees, you can send prospects "teasers" letting them know why they should visit your booth location. Getting them to the booth is the hard part - you need to determine what will get them to you. A contest, a drawing? Remember to capture their names for future contacts.

Publishing articles in industry journals and newsletters also gets the word out about your company and establishes you as an "expert" in the field. Such articles go beyond the traditional press release by allowing you to share your expertise and establish credibility with prospects.

Update customers on new developments through e-newsletters or personal notes. Explain why the service/product meets their needs.

Continued presence breeds awareness of the product or service, and awareness is the first step to adoption. Once a company adopts your service or product, and they like it, they tend to stick with you and spread your name by word of mouth…yet another marketing tactic that you can foster.

Upcoming Events...
When client IR Recognition Systems wanted to assure their biometric solution would be THE selection for airports, we started pitching their successes at San Francisco International and Israel's Ben Gurion. Articles 1 and 2 hit this month in Security Products and Access Control while Article 3 hits Security Technology & Design in September. Plus, we flooded the aviation and aviation security websites with the successes at these two airports. As an aside, they are the only two airports in the world protecting the traveling public with fully operational biometric-based systems. At SFO, the handreaders have been sentry to the 180 doors to the tarmac since 1991 with no breaches! Heard about those long lines at Ben Gurion…not if you're one of the 100,000 trusted travelers…you're through in seconds! See more at under Recognition Systems - photographs, too.

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