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April 2004
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Have you told your prospects about your latest success?

Wouldn’t that help you sell them? Bottom line – if you don’t tell them, you can bet your competitors won’t either. If they don’t know you and aren’t continually reminded about you, how can you expect them to contact you when they need you?

…and Television Coverage Too!

We’re known to be pretty aggressive in getting coverage for our clients, especially at major conferences where we set up individual one-on-one meetings between them and the trade press. We literally take the editors on “tour,” from client to client. By having multiple clients in the same industry, each actually gets more coverage because of our ability to sell “add-ons.”

Here’s an example from the ISC West Exposition held in Las Vegas the first week of April, where we held over 90 individual interviews. In addition, well before the show, we got a call from the show promoters that they needed some help in achieving television coverage. Did we have some ideas?

What would appeal to the TV networks so they could start pitching them to cover the show?.

Long story short – GE Security and IR Recognition Systems were two of only four companies interviewed and telecast on the Fox Early show and the HandReaders were later featured on Fox News. And, the crew set up with the GE Security booth as the backdrop. Why? We let them know that GE was using the TV show “Las Vegas” as their theme as their equipment is featured on that TV series.

The bad news…Tom and Leslie had to be on the show floor at 4:30 am.

The good news…we weren’t the ones who were still up as we passed through the casino.

Overheard at the ISC West Show…

“Since you guys turned on our PR pump six months ago, the acceptance and recognition of our technology is way up.” – Brigham Scully client

“I love it…a PR agency has just taken care of the most difficult part of my job.” – a trade publication editor upon being given our handout of possible features that matched the magazine’s planned editorial coverage.

“Jerks!” – Tom whispered as he passed an ex-client’s booth.

“Idiots!” – Leslie whispered as she passed the same booth.

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