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April 2003
Welcome to the Brigham Scully Newsletter.  
Use the “Law of Forgetting” to Your Advantage

Within 24 hours, we forget about half of what was learned that day. After 30 days, only 10% of what was learned is retained. But, as the frequency of a message is increased, retention is improved. It’s really quite similar to teaching a child a nursery rhyme. Repeat…repeat…repeat.

Like a child learning “Hickery-dickery-dock,” repeating your message over and over frequently improves your market awareness, the gateway to market preference and increased market share. The reason is simple – they remember you and what you’re about.

But, if you only put out your message here and there, people can’t remember you. After all, you don’t repeat the nursery rhyme once a week or once a month for your child to learn it. Why would your marketing message be any different?

That’s why a “3 issues in a row” ad schedule works better than every other issue for 6 months. That’s why an ad plus PR providing the same message works better than either alone. And so on.

It’s all got to do with a learning theory called the Ebbinghaus Curve. You can use it to your advantage…or not.

Over 60 articles scored in 3 days.

It’s a lot of work, before, during and after the show but our security accounts made out like bandits at the ISC West Expo. Between now and December, we solidified and committed to over 60 articles among 13 different publications for our 4 clients attending this show. That doesn’t mean that’s all they’ll get…we uncovered many more opportunities. That “over 60” figure counts only the locked-in articles. Quite frankly, we’re always shocked when other security accounts don’t ask us to put them on our editorial tour! As the man says, “No brag…just fact.”

Are you selling your vendors on what you do?
Make sure they understand and appreciate what you do. When they share your vision, they can help you achieve it faster and more efficiently. And, your success should trickle down to them.

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