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June 2005
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Imagine…at work for all GE Infrastructure, Security!


For some time, we've been doing PR for large segments of GE's security business. Now, starting this month, we've got it all. From machines that sniff for bombs at airports to sensing a broken window at a residence and much in between, it's an amazingly large range of security solutions from a very big organization.

As one GE marketing manager laughed, "Within days, you'll figure out how to herd squirrels."

It's sounds trite but…consistent execution is the key to PR success





There is a reason some companies get more PR than their competitors. We like to think it's because they use us but the answer is even simpler. Lack of success is due to a basic human condition - people get bored and quit doing the things that brought them success in the first place.

Programs fail - total communications, marketing, sales, advertising, PR and all sorts of others - because management and staff lack the discipline to follow projects and programs through to completion…and then repeat the process again. Many starts - fewer finishes.

After two months of doing the same repetitive thing, people get bored. They're "too busy" doing new things (that are now more interesting). A new manager doesn't "like" what they've been doing so out goes the baby with that bathwater.

With all the homage made to strategy, execution unlocks the door to success. It's a fact - even bad programs pay results when executed. Great programs result in nothing if not done.

Do we at Brigham Scully like calling the same editor month after month? No. Do we like coming up with this newsletter every month? No.

But that's what we do because, without results, our clients cut retainers. And, we know that repetitive executions done over and over, month after month, pay results. We like providing results; it's the best way to get a repetitive check.

Have you quit doing something recently that has always brought you success? Get back to it. Keep doing those things that got it good.
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