"(An) inquiry off of an article we placed earlier this year just landed us a meeting on Monday.  I’ve had two direct inquiries from different articles in the past month – it’s good to see that people are reading our stuff and it’s getting them interested!"
Ann Geisler Timme, Allegion

"I wish more firms would follow your example of posting high-resolution photos on an easily accessible Web site. This works out great for editors on our staff."
Kris Atwater, Managing Editor, Government Product News

Thank you for the fantastic job you did on the Delta Grand Opening. I am really pleased. I can't think of how it might have been done any better...We are very fortunate to be working with you.
David Dickinson, Senior VP, Delta Scientific Corporation.

Thank you for your continuing efforts. You guys must be doing something right because we're busier than we've EVER been! The past two months have been the best Delta has ever had. Thank you for your help and expertise."
Scott Altizer, Applications Engineer, Delta Scientific Corporation.

"I love your web site. I use it every month for photos, etc."
Laura Stepanek, Editor, SDM.

"I was hoping you could contribute at least one (article), but certainly wasn't expecting four! Thanks so much for all of them. I'm really impressed with the professionalism and efficiency Brigham Scully responds to such requests."
Rufus Lim, Editor, Southeast Asia Fire & Security Magazine.

"Since you have all the information readily available that makes my job much easier."
Mark Newman, Managing Editor of Facilities Design and Management.

"...companies cannot be successful without great marketing efforts. Brigham Scully is the best I have seen. You did a tremendous job with HID."
Tina D'Aversa-Williams, former Publisher of Access Control and group publisher of Security and SDM.

"I needed a picture to run with a product release for Kalatel. Within three minutes I had downloaded it off your site. Just thought I'd let you know that we editors do appreciate it."
Tom Nelson, Editor, Campus Safety Journal.

"A great resource for us harassed eds! Wish other PR professionals would service their own clients in this fashion."
Darren Smith, Editor, Hi-Tech Security (South Africa).

"I see all types of agencies within the industry and I honestly believe that Brigham Scully is on top of it."
Lisa Parelli, Publisher, Security.

"I'm sure there were many other firms with good stories who I missed, but that's the difference good PR makes."
Tony Slinn, Managing Editor, ISR (United Kingdom).

"You have been tireless in your pursuit to have HID be the most recognized name."
Dan Triglia, Regional Sales Manager, Security Dealer.

"1998 Vendor of the Year."
HID Corporation.

"In my 25 years in business, I have found it rare to have the opportunity to work with an agency as pleasurable and competent as Brigham Scully... Exceptionally helpful and professional...we would not be as successful in the market as we have been."
Ron Nieman, former CEO, RemoteVideo, Inc. and former V.P., Sensormatics.

"Tom and Leslie are a great team and I can recommend them highly."
David Dickinson, Executive Vice President, Delta Scientific.

"I have always been very impressed with your company's professionalism and you've just confirmed my judgment again. Your clients are very lucky to have you. By the way, we all love your newsletter at Penton GovGroup. Most of us read it now. You always include useful information as opposed to just promoting clients. I think it makes us take your clients more seriously, knowing they are represented by a highly knowledgeable firm. I started forwarding it some time ago and now I notice that staff members are forwarding it, with comments, back to me."
Camille M Harris, GovPro.